Ton Duc Thang University is the champion of Ho Chi Minh City University Football Games in 2018

The final was held at 17:45 on January 28 at Ton Duc Thang Stadium between Ton Duc Thang and HCMC Gymnasium.

The game took place quite fiercely before the cheers of thousands of students, right from the first minute from a mistake of defense University of Pedagogy of HCMC. When returning home for the home team, Cuong Van (9-TDT) scored the goal to help Tan Duc Thang University take the lead 1-0, after the table soon loses the team of pedagogical pedagogical training, attack Overcoming the frame to the team and 36 minutes Minh Phuc (6- SP TDTT) scored 1-1, after 80 minutes, the two teams are still in harmony, should go into the penalty shootout 11m to win lose. After 7 shots, Ton Duc Thang won 4-3 (5-4) to win the Vinaphone Cup 2018.

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Previously, the 3rd match between HCMC University of Agriculture and Forestry won the University of Transportation 2-0, won the bronze medal.