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The Sports business and Event management of the Faculty of Sports Science - Ton Duc Thang University has been developed with 6 international standards: training programs, teaching staff, learning opportunities and real internship, study and research environment, facilities and international relationships. Through 4 professional internship periods, 50% of high practical subjects, participating in organizing national and international events, receiving oversea scholarships, studying with expert lecturers international students after graduation completely meet the most stringent requirements from international employers.

  • Name of Progamme: Sport Management -  Major in Sport Business and Event Management
  • Programme code: 7810301
  • Training degree: Bachelor
  • Mode of study: Full-time
  • Training time: 4 years


  • PO1: Become a manager in various types of domestic and international sports organizations and corporations, and be capable of planning, organizing, leading, implementing, and controlling professional sports teams, sports clubs, sport public sector organizations, sports associations, and sports enterprises.
  • PO2: Become an expert in the event industry, capable of planning, organizing, leading, implementing and controlling various types of domestic and international events with diverse sizes and forms.
  • PO3: Demonstrating moral qualities, sense of law observance, spirit of service to the country. Developing critical thinking, scientific research capacity; self-improvement and self-improvement, thereby contributing to the sustainable development of Vietnam's sports and event industry.


No Classify Description of PLOs
  • General knowledge
  • Apply the worldview and outlook on life, the policy of the government, and the basic knowledge of Vietnamese law to activities in the field of sports business and event organization.
  • Problem analyzing skill
  • Apply knowledge of scientific research to analyze and evaluate issues in the field of sports and events.
  • Communication and individual work skill
  • Using proficiency in English (IELTS 5.0 or equivalent) and informatic skills (MOS 750) to work effectively in an international environment.
  • Moral capacity
  • Displaying professional ethics, social responsibility, the spirit of serving the country, creative critical thinking, and the ability to self-train for sustainable success in the future.
  • Building and development skills
  • Creating a recruitment process plan, training orientation, and human resource development for the sports industry
  • Financial and project management skills
  • Demonstrate the ability to predict and analyze the finances of a sports organization, or enterprise through the characteristics of sports economics and the principles of financial management.
  • Executive management skills
  • Operating the facilities, equipment, ... of a sports facility to get the highest efficiency.
  • Skills in organizing professional activitives
  • Organizing marketing activities for sports organizations and businesses through the application of marketing principles and tools.
  • Personal practice capacity and tournament organization
  • Demonstrating the ability to practice (at least 4 sports) and organize sports tournaments according to the standards of Federations and Sports Associations by knowledge of the characteristics and rules of competition.
  • Professional skills in management and organization
  • Applying management knowledge and specialized skills to organize all types of events: sport, culture, society, entertainment, etc...


Graduates will find attractive positions, job opportunities in businesses, organizations, sports associations or resorts, hotels, media companies, events, ... including:

  • Director of sports business

  • Expert Event

  • Business event specialist - conference - workshop

  • Sports market researcher

  • Experts negotiate funding

  • GYM  manager

  • Expert in designing and managing recreational sports programs

  • Expert in tourism management, sports area management at hotels and resorts

  • Professional sales manager

  • Sports managers, sports club managers in international schools and universities.