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Sport business and event management


The sports business and event management of the Faculty of Sports Science - Ton Duc Thang University has been developed with 6 international standards: training programs, teaching staff, learning opportunities and real internship, study and research environment, facilities and international relationships.

Through 4 professional internship periods, 50% of high practical subjects, participating in organizing national and international events, receiving oversea scholarships, studying with expert lecturers international students after graduation completely meet the most stringent requirements from international employers.




- Introduction to sport business and event management major

- Principles of marketing

- Introduction to sport management

- Sport business management

- Organizing system and characteristics of individual sports

- Internship 1

- Event management

- Organizing system and characteristics of team sports

- Human resource management in sport & event

- Mass communication

- Internship 2

- Sport marketing and sponsorship

- Communication and negotiation in business

- Sport facility management

- Research methods in sport management

- Legal aspects in sport and event

- Internship 3

- Sport economics

- Event marketing

- Consumer behavior in sport & event

- Event creation

- Sport event management

- Event risk management

- Organizational behavior and strategic of sport

- Sport finance

- Sales management in sport industry

- Sport club management

- Social event management

- History and sociology of sport

- Video creator

- Digital multimedia

- Graphic / Indesign

- Photography

- Event script writing

- Event director

- Event Master of Ceremonies

- Sport tourism and leisure

- Public relations in sport

- Business starter

- Brand management

- Graduate internship

- Professional Skills Exam

- Graduation project

- Graduation thesis


PLO1: Apply the knowledge of worldviews, philosophies of life, the Party's policies, and Vietnamese state laws to activities in the fields of sports business and event organization

PLO2: Apply scientific research knowledge to analyze and evaluate issues in the field of sports and events

PLO3: Proficiently use the English language (IELTS 5.0 or equivalent) and practical computer skills (MOS 750) to work effectively in an international environment

PLO4: Display professional ethics, social responsibility, a spirit of serving the nation, creative critical thinking, and the ability to self-train for sustainable success in the future

PLO5: Create recruitment process plans, training orientation, and human resource development for the sports industry

PLO6: Demonstrate the ability to predict and analyze the financial aspects of a sports unit, organization, and enterprise through the characteristics and content of sports economics and principles of financial management

PLO7: Manage the operation of characteristic components (physical facilities, equipment, types of activities, etc.) of a sports facility to maximize utilization efficiency

PLO8: Organizing marketing activities for sports organizations and enterprises by applying marketing principles and tools into management practice

PLO9: Demonstrating the ability to engage in training (in at least 5 sports disciplines) and organize sports competitions according to the standards set by associations and sports federations, utilizing knowledge of the characteristics and rules of the respective sports

PLO10: "Apply knowledge of management and specialized skills to organize various types of events: sports, cultural, social, entertainment, etc


Graduates will find attractive positions, job opportunities in businesses, organizations, sports associations or resorts, hotels, media companies, events, ... including:

  • Director of sports business
  • Expert Event
  • Business event specialist - conference - workshop
  • Sports market researcher
  • Experts negotiate funding
  • GYM  manager
  • Expert in designing and managing recreational sports programs
  • Expert in tourism management, sports area management at hotels and resorts
  • Professional sales manager
  • Sports managers, sports club managers in international schools and universities