Student did graduated internship at 5 star hotel.

- At 14h00 on 30/03/2018, the Faculty of Sports Science has coordinated with the Department of Testing and Quality Inspection to check the status of students graduated internship at Health club of Renaissance Riverside Hotel Saigon, The school and faculty are not only interested in the results, but also the learning and practice of students.

- Student Danh Thi Kieu Thien Khoa, 18th degree in Sports Business and Event Management are practicing at Health Club of Renaissance Riverside Saigon Hotel. For more than a month of practicing here, Thien Khoa student has practiced in the position of fitness room manager and swimming pool of the hotel located on the 21st floor. I also acknowledged that: "Due to the program of study I am confident in applying for a job even though I have no relationship at all,

- Through the exchange with employees to work together and management at the place of practice, everyone said, "Students practice very well, discipline, discipline, standard hours, never been late. In addition, the knowledge they have received at the school is in line with the position of the hotel's health club. "

Currently, the final year students of the Faculty of Sports Science are practicing in the following companies: Renaissance Riverside Hotel Saigon, Sofitel Saigon Plaza, VUG (Vietnam University Games), WeSport Co., Ltd. ..


Student discussed with teacher about the contents of the internship


The school and Faculty always interested, encouraging students.




Modern, 5-star standard facilities of the place of internship


Pool area with 3 faces towards District 1, District 2 and Binh Thanh.


The school exchange with the business to be able to create better practice for students.

(Articles and pictures: Anh Khoa - Sport information Club, Faculty of sports science Ton Duc Thang University)