TDTU Students’ Victory at the Traditional Martial Arts Tournament in the 2018 HCMC University of Sport Open

From 19th to 27th of May, 2018, Ton Duc Thang University (TDTU) Traditional Martial Arts Team participated in the Traditional Martial Arts Tournament of the HCMC University of Sport Open in 2018. This year, there are 284 athletes who came from 21 units in the city and from the provinces which have strong martial arts movements in Vietnam. This is the opportunity for university students to exchange, study, improve not only the professional levels but also the organization and preparation of the tournament. At the same time, this is the promotion to boost the solidarity and friendship between units with great martial arts movements.

The traditional martial arts team of TDTU has 17 athletes competing in two categories:  forms and resistance, both brought us glory with 1 Gold Medal, 6 Silver Medals and 9 Bronze Medals. This achievement continues to prove the high level of martial arts of TDTU students, as well as the opportunity to "fight with fires" which is in preparation for the National Traditional Martial Arts Youth Games held in June 2018 and the National Sports Festival in November 2018 in Hanoi.

A few images of TDTU students at the tournament:



vo-co-truyen-2.jpgTDTU students with their best moves at the tournament



vo-co-truyen-4.jpgThe TDTU team of Traditional Martial Arts took some commemorative photographs together