"Son-Sac" Vietnam Ao dai show performed by students of Faculty of Sport Science

On the morning of May 19th, 2018, student of Sports Business and Event Management of Faculty of Sport Science of Ton Duc Thang University (TDTU) successfully organized an Ao dai show with the theme "Son-Sac".

Mixing many bits of colors between tradition and modernity, "Son-Sac" tried to reconstruct successfully the origin and development history of Ao dai through different periods; and demonstrated the beauty of Vietnamese women when wearing feminine Ao dai. Through many diverse performances prepared carefully, TDTU students conveyed the message: although time flies and modern fashion has a strong influence on us, Ao dai still expresses the full essence of Vietnam.

"Son-Sac" ended successfully and totally satisfied the viewers. It not only reminisced about the past, but also reminded us of our responsibility to preserve our tradition and national identity in the face of the transformation of our society today. In particular, for students of the Sports Business and Event Management, this show marked their maturity in the successful practice to organize an event; as well as through this show, they could learn many experiences to fulfill themselves on the way to become professional event organizers in the future.

Some pictures of the Ao dai show

son-sac-1.jpgParents attending the show organized by students

son-sac-2.jpgAo dai in olden days in Sai gon reconstructed vividly by TDTU theater group



son-sac-5.jpgThe changes of Ao dai during different periods respectively introduced to the viewers

son-sac-6.jpg“Son-Sac” finished impressively and meaningfully, which demonstrated the ability of professional event organizers of
students from TDTU Faculty of Sport Science