Laotian - Thai students celebrating traditional BunPiMay Festival at TDTU

The traditional BunPiMay Festival which took place on April 15th, 2018 at TDTU has attracted the participation of Laotian - Thai - Vietnamese students.

With a variety of activities such as: Baci ceremony, water splashing, Lamvong dance performances, and meals prepared by Laotian and Thai students. The festival has brought joy, prosperity, purification of life as the meaning of BunPiMay Festival. This was an opportunity for Laotian - Thai - Vietnamese students to exchange cultures and friendship between countries, to find their nostalgia, and to learn and develop themselves better at TDTU as a second hometown.

Some photos of the traditional BunPiMay Festival at TDTU:

bun-Pimay-7_0.jpg The traditional BunPiMay Festival took place in a cozy and friendly environment



bun-Pimay-3.jpg The Baci Ceremony to bless the people and bring them closer together


bun-Pimay-4.jpg The custom of powdering people in the New Year to pray for good luck, and peace


bun-Pimay-5.jpg Water splashing is meant to wash off the bad omens


bun-Pimay-6.jpg Laotian- Thai students greeting a peaceful new year at TDTU