Cultural exchange for international students

From 4th to 6th of April, 2018, the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities together with Faculty of Law of Ton Duc Thang University (TDTU) successfully organized the International Cultural Exchange Festival. International students from Laos, Thailand, Japan, Korea and especially, the group of lecturers and students from Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), one of the leading research universities in Malaysia in agricultural field, in TOP 500 world universities and TOP 10 Asian universities participated in this fair.

The festival included many interesting activities such as campus tour, Vietnamese cultural seminar, Vietnamese food processing methods, calligraphy practice and folk games, etc. The festival was an opportunity for international students to expand their relationships and to accumulate real international knowledge. It was also a chance for TDTU students to introduce and promote good image of Vietnam to friends from other countries.

Some pictures of the festival:

giao-luu-van-hoa-1_0.jpg Dr. Tran Trong Dao, Vice President of TDTU, welcomed the students to participate in the International Cultural Exchange Festival


giao-luu-van-hoa-2.jpg Group of UPM students visited INSPiRE Library




giao-luu-van-hoa-4.jpg TDTU students and UPM students exchanged and discussed their ideas heatedly at seminar


giao-luu-van-hoa-5.jpg Calligraphy class at TDTU




giao-luu-van-hoa-8.jpg International students are excited to discover Vietnamese culture


giao-luu-van-hoa-9.jpg TDTU students exchanged confidently with international students


giao-luu-van-hoa-10.jpg Together performed Ket doan dance…



giao-luu-van-hoa-12.jpg …and captured memorable moments at TDTU