SiC- Sport Information Club


- The SIC Sports Media Club was established in 2016 under the management of the Faculty of Sports Science to create a useful playground for sports enthusiasts and sports enthusiasts. . Currently the Media Club has three main areas:

+ Web: design, manage and run websites, fanpage, social networks, ..

+ Content: Responsible for the content of articles, media publications, ...

+ Designer: responsible for designing media publications such as standee, background, backdrop, other media items.

+ Publisher: Responsible for posting news articles on the media, printing publications, media ...

- Come to the club you not only learn, cultivate the knowledge of the field of communication such as website design, media publications design, create and use social networking, how to write an article , communication planning for the event that more than the spirit of teamwork, professionalism and efficiency. If you need a useful playing field and experience in the field of media in sports and events. We are always ready to welcome you.

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- MSc. Pham Thanh Anh Khoa

- Qualifications: Master Degree in Sports Management - Taiwan National University of Sports


- MSc. Pham Thanh Anh Khoa

- Phone number: 0909095040

- Email: