1. Introduction

The bachelor program in Sports Business and Event Management is based on the curriculum of the Michigan University

  • USA (top 17th in the world) and with reference to that of the National Taiwan University of Sports, Chulalonkorn University
  • Thailand (top 60th in Asia).

Total credit: 130 credits, training time: 4 years

The training program with 6 international standards including: curriculum, international staff, learning environment, cooperative relations, scientific research and international exchange.

Specifications of the program

  • 03 internship courses and 1 graduation internship (students work as full-time employee at the enterprise)
  • 50% of major courses are hand
  • on classes; and linking with business for training.
  • 30% of courses are taught in English; regularly studying and working with overseas professors.
  • Regularly participate in organizing many international, national and city events.
  • Opportunity to receive scholarships at universities in Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia, Korea ...
  • Exchange activities with international students.

2. Outcomes

Graduated from Sports Management, students gain the knowledge and skills as follows:

3. Career opportunity

Graduates will find many attractive positions and opportunities in businesses, organizations, sports associations at all levels or resorts, hotels, media companies, events ... including:

  • Computer skills: International MOS Certificate (750 marks); Applied proficiency in applied computing in the work;
  • Foreign language skills: IELTS 5.0 or equivalent international English certificates.
  • Professional knowledge and skills:
    • Understand and apply the theory of business management in the field of sport and event organization into practice;
    • Ability to analyze, evaluate, identify trends in the sports business market and event management;
    • Independent, creative and confident research skill in the identification, settlement and implementation of sports business activities;
    • Business planning skills, event management skills and risk management planning in business and event.
    • Director of sports business
    • Event Specialist
    • Sales executive in event
    • conference
    • seminar
    • Sports marketing researcher
    • Expert negotiation sponsor
    • Manager at gym
    • Program designer, manager in sports leisure
    • Specialist in sports tourism; sports section management in hotels and resorts
    • Specialist in sports sales management
    • Sports facility manager, sport club manager at international schools and universities