Sport Management

- The program is based on the Master of Sports Management program of the University of Michigan - United States (top 17 in the world), evaluated by the National University of Sports, Taiwan, University Chulalonkorn-Thailand (top 60 Asia).

- The total amount of program knowledge: 60 credits

- Training time: 1.5 years

- Formal training, credit management training

- Language of instruction: English

- Training objectives:

+ General objective: To have strong political ideas, wholeheartedly serve the country's socio-economic development; Has extensive and specialized expertise in the field of Sports Management: sports business, event management and sports communications; Mastering scientific research methods, critical thinking, independent creativity, self-learning ability and higher education; Good English speaking, listening and speaking skills (research, academic exchange, writing and presenting scientific reports / master theses).

+ Specific objectives:

- Knowledge: Students have the capacity to organize, manage and run activities in the fields of Sports Business Management, Event Management and Sports Communication.

- Skills: Ability to independently solve scientific research issues in the field of Sports Management.

- On the attitude and professional ethics: fair, honest, noble; good health, spirit for the development of the community and people; positive attitude, hard work; high self-awareness, self-employment and research.

- For foreign language: TOEIC certificate of International 500 points or more or equivalent international certificates.