Sport business and event management

- The bachelor's program in Sports Business and Event Management is based on the University of Michigan-USA training program (top 17 in the world) and the training program of the National University Taiwan Sports, Chulalonkorn University - Thailand (top 60 Asia).

- Total number of credits: 130 credits

- Training time: 4 years

- Training objectives:

+ General objective: Students in Sports Business and Event Management are trained in basic and advanced knowledge in the field of business in general and sports business in particular as well as organizing events of all kinds. Students have broad and specialized skills, which can be used to apply theoretical knowledge to domestic practice and international integration. firmly understand the types of business, management, organization; have critical thinking, independent creativity; have higher self-learning and learning ability, contributing to the development of the country and international integration.

+ Specific objectives

- Knowledge: In addition to general knowledge of political theory taught by the Ministry of Education, foreign language skills, computer skills and life skills, students are also equipped with specialized knowledge in business management and sports. Organize events such as: management of professional sports clubs, sports facilities, sales management in the sports industry, management of the gym, management of sports activities in resorts, high hotels branding, event marketing, sporting events, festivals, etc. Through this, students will gain insight into the importance of the sports industry. the economy and the diversity of the types of events or sporting events being held in the world.

- Skills: ideas, strategies, planning and management of business activities in the field of sports. Design, plan, manage and host sporting events or other events.

- Attitude: The program aims to train students with good moral qualities, especially ethics in the field of sport: fair, honest, noble. Have a sense of community development, positive attitude, high self-awareness, discipline and self-responsibility.

- Computer skills: International MOS Certificate 700

- Foreign language proficiency: TOEIC 500 international certificate

- Highlights of the program

+ 03 occupational trainees 1, 2, 3 and 1 vocational training module (full-time student at the enterprise)

+ 50% of specialized subjects are practical, practical and associated with enterprises for training.

họp tác doanh nghiep 2017
Signing MOU with Sport and Event related businesses 2017
hop tac doanh nghiep 2016
Signing MOU with Sport and Event related businesses 2016
Students do internship in VBA- First professional basketball league in Vietnam
Students host the sport tour
Student do internship in in sport communication field

           + 30% of courses are taught in English, regularly studying and working with foreign professors.

Students study "Consumer behavior in sport and event" course with Dr. Lim Bon Hoi- Malaya University- Malaysia


học tập mark lin và tucker
Prof. Mark Lin and Assoc.Prof Tucker give the lecturers for Faculty of Sport Science students

        + Regularly host many international, national and city events.

liên hoan võ thuật
International martial art festival 2016 was held by student


bóng đá toàn thành
Students hold the Student Football Championship throughout the academic year 2016-2017.


pool party
Sự kiện pool party do sinh viên Khoa tổ chức tại hồ bơi 5 sao, thu hút 700 khách và đầu tư hàng trăm triệu đồng

         + Opportunity to receive scholarships at schools in Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia, Korea ...

sv hoc bổng
Students receive a one-semester scholarship at Chulalongkorn-Thailand School in 2015
Students receive a one-semester scholarship at Chulalongkorn-Thailand School in 2016

           + Regular exchange of international students.

soon chun hyang
Cultural exchange week with Soon Chun Hyang University
6 students of Faculty of Health Sciences do graduation internship at the Faculty of Sports Science